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I am MacKenzie, the proud founder of Martz Productions! Since I was a young child, my unwavering passion for film and photography has been the driving force behind my journey. It all began when I started as a YouTuber at the age of eight, creating captivating content specifically designed for children. Over time, I delved into the world of special effects and enthusiastically participated in various national and local film festivals. After completing my studies at John Brown University, I achieved IMDB accreditation, which marked a significant milestone in my career. This accomplishment motivated me to bring my very first feature documentary to life, titled "The Story of Mr. Glass."

At Martz Productions, we have a deep appreciation for photography and a strong desire to assist the growing real estate market in our area. Whether you're a homeowner looking to sell your property or a commercial developer seeking to rent out space, I would be thrilled to provide photography services for you. 

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